A FREE Member Benefit, FIND is an asset to your business!

Use Find to search all properties with available data within the U.S., regardless of whether they are for sale, for rent, recently sold, or any other status.

Whether you are doing a search, running a report or branding yourself the expert, try Find. Find is a FREE member benefit, giving you access to:

  • Listing data provided by MLSs and Brokers.
  • Public records where available.
  • Different types of searches that you can save and reuse later.
  • School & Community Info
  • Amenity data, school district boundaries, property boundaries and more.

In short, you can gather information on almost all properties nationwide to use for your business.

How to Access Find

From the Stratus Info Center, click the Find icon to get started.


For an introduction to Find and online support, click the Contact Support link in the top right corner.  We suggest you reference online support prior to using Find as it includes an overview, video tutorials, reports and more.

Video Tutorial

Need help getting started with Find? This video will provide you with the information you need.

Watch the Video