The REALTOR® Lockbox from SentriLock uses proven technology components that have met the demands of the banking, defense and satellite TV industries for years.

SentriLock’s system is Web-based so that lockbox settings and showing information are easily accessible from any Internet connected PC. Through the ease of a Card Reader in your home or office, in less than 60 seconds your SentriCard is updated and ready for you to use.

The development of the REALTORS® Lockbox was based on the features most requested by REALTORS®, including:

  • An integrated and illuminated keypad
  • An extra large front opening key compartment
  • One-Day Access Codes for your distribution (up to nine per day)
  • Optional cardless entry
  • Tracking Security
  • Homeowner “do not disturb” setting
  • Call before showing
  • Variable showing hours
  • Convenient credit card-sized SentriCard that also serves as the electronic “key card” for the lockbox

Buy a Lockbox Today!
Price: $95/each (+tax)

The REALTOR® Lockbox ix available at your local LIBOR Service Center.
Call Customer Service for more information
631-661-4800 ext. 21

Card Readers

Card readers are needed in order to update the codes on your keycard and to download lockbox data from your lockboxes into the online SentriLock administrative system. Once the lockbox data is uploaded from the card reader, via your computer, to SentriLock you will be able to view your reports and manage your lockboxes.

There are two options available:

Sentrilock Home Card Reader: This is your basic USB card reader. It plugs into your computer’s USB drive and you can place it anywhere you like. A software CD-ROM is included.
Sentrilock Office Card Reader: Just like the Home Card Reader, you get the basic USB card reader and the software CD, but this also includes a weighted base that the card reader clips into so that it sits nicely on your desk.