AM Open House is an Open House app and management platform designed by agents to make the Open House experience more efficient for agents and buyers. With a ton of features including social sharing, automated follow up, property management and CRM integration, AM Open House is quickly becoming a leader in Open House management.

Here’s how to enable your account as an MLSLI Agent

  1. Visit this website.
  2. Click the “Lost Password” link, and enter the email address they have associated with MLSLI.
  3. When the email is received, log into the system and change the password to something you can remember.
  4. Download the MLSLI app from the links below.
  5. Use the same email address as the username and the new password you generated for yourself as the password.

Once you log in, you will be able to see all of your properties and run their open houses.

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AM Open House for iOS® and Android™

AM Open House Consumer Open House Page for iPhone iPad and Android


Digital sign in sheet
Automated seller report
Direct CRM integration with over 20 providers
Online property management
Run multiple Open Houses at once
Social sharing
Use multiple devices at a single Open House


Automatic follow-up emails
Automatic price change emails
Custom follow up emails
Email reporting with detailed information
Personalized emails that always come from you
Templates for additional follow-up emails

Single Property Websites

Automatic single property websites
Complete agent information
Mortgage calculator
Neighborhood, school and Walk Score® information

Lead Management

Advanced website lead management
In app lead management

CRM Integrations

CRM Logos
AM Open House Consumer Open House Page for iPhone iPad and Android

Digital Sign In Sheet

A slick and clean interface for your customers/clients to easily sign in and out of properties.

  • Sign in and out
  • Share on social media networks
  • View leads and feedback

Email Stats

Email Reporting

How do your emails stack up when they are sent to customers/clients?

  • See how many of your emails are delivered or are bounced
  • View when someone opens your email and what links are clicked

AM Open House View your Buyers and Agents Page iPhone and iPad

Lead Management – In app

Manage your leads while on the go.

  • Add notes without leaving the Open House page
  • Review notes by clicking a customer/client name
  • View sign ins in real time

Sign Ins Online

Lead Management – Online

Manage your leads online from your laptop or desktop using the AM Open House website.

  • Download CSV files
  • Send emails
  • View feedback

Sellers Report

Seller Reports

Impress your sellers with a full report of their Open Houses.

  • General lead information
  • Customer/client notes
  • Number of sign ins and feedback left

AM Open House Share on Facbook Twitter Linked In email and text mesage page on iPhone and iPad

Social Sharing

Share your Open House information on your social media networks.

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Text Message Integration

Text Messaging

Automatically send a text message to your sign ins with your single property website link.

  • Automatic send times
  • Custom templates
  • Single property website link