Create a Healthy, Winter-Ready Home

(Family Features)–When chilly weather arrives and the days get shorter, chances are good you’ll spend the majority of your days indoors. Before you start your hibernation, it’s a good idea to ensure your home is up to the task. Put your well-being at the top of the list with these ideas to help ensure a   Read More »

Home Maintenance Tasks for Daylight Savings

Daylight Saving is a wonderful time of year to tackle home maintenance tasks. According to Culligan, a water treatment professional, these five easy tasks can make the most of the extra hour around the home: Check your alarms. Batteries need to be replaced in all the alarms in your house every six months. Smoke   Read More »

Insurance Know-How: Filing Claims When Disaster Strikes

Regardless of the time of year, weather-related disaster can strike with minimal warning. As a result, Lisa Harrison of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners is reaching out to homeowners and property owners alike with key points to be aware of should their home fall in the path of a hurricane or bad storm, wildfire,   Read More »

Homeowner Smarts: How to Have Your Furnace Inspected

An important part of your home’s upkeep is an annual inspection of your furnace. Not only is this essential to make sure your furnace is operating as efficiently and economically as possible, it ensures your family’s safety, as well. An annual furnace inspection by a qualified, reputable contractor can help prevent any issues with   Read More »

DIY Holiday Decorating Safety

The holidays are coming fast. Soon, neighbors across the U.S. will begin seeing holiday decorations going up. With that in mind, it’s important to prioritize the safety of do-it-yourself decorators. Kathleen Neave, a Christmas Decor pro from Stamford, Conn., points out that do-it-yourself decorating-related accidents resulted in about 240 injuries per day last November   Read More »

Don't Be a Victim to Your Smart Home

Smart home technology has raised the bar on home security, allowing us to take safety into our own hands through the power of our devices. But according to a recent article by Chandra Steele at, the internet of things (IoT) makes smart home devices, and therefore their owners, vulnerable to a myriad of   Read More »

4 Ways to Show Your Pets You're Thankful for Them

(Family Features)–Pets can be morning jog partners and movie night snuggle buddies, but they often do much more than that: they can help make their owners healthier both physically and mentally. Research from the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition found that having a pet reduces the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol, as well   Read More »

Top Honeymoon Destinations Revealed

Today’s couples are tying the knot then heading straight to paradise! According to a recent survey by online travel resource Vacation, nearly 150 travel agents who specialize in honeymoon and destination weddings reported the following six locations as the top spots for newlyweds: 1. St. Lucia. Thanks to its beaches, rainforest, luxury resorts, cuisine,   Read More »

Holiday Entertainment With Friends and Family of All Ages

(Family Features)–Holiday entertaining is no small chore. From feeding the masses to keeping everyone happy and engaged, it can be a big job playing host during the holidays. From time-saving meal options to ideas that encourage everybody to take part in the festivities, consider these tips to help make it easy to keep guests   Read More »