Stratus MLS is an Internet based MLS system offering MLSLI Subscribers Listing Searches, Reports, Interactive Map Searches, Add/Edit Listings, Public Records, CMA, Update, Listing History, Market Share, Contacts, Prospect Match, Info Center, inventory reports, statistics and more.

While browsing listings, Agents can view Neighborhood, Schools, Walk Score and Tax Map information. They can schedule a showing, use electronic listing forms including digital signature, and through Rate Plug, offer their Client or Customers mortgage rate information.

Stratus MLS is compatible with Microsoft Windows (using Chrome, Firefox, Edge or IE) and Apple Macintosh (using Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

Stratus MLS Highlights Include:

  • Dynamic Info Center dashboard made up of 8 “panels” most of which you can arrange to fit your needs.
  • Create your own customizable search templates.
  • Photo Editor to adjust a photo’s brightness, contrast, dimensions, orientation
  • Upload multiple photos as one time and drag and drop to organize them
  • Upload up to 20 attachments in multiple formats
  • Multitask with multiple windows
  • Use Add-a-Field in any search
  • Count results dynamically while entering criteria
  • Update results at List or Map instantly with the dynamic criteria panel
  • Share saved searches and customized column sets
  • Search listings and public records on the map, using saved shapes or locations
  • Store and send listings from your listing cart
  • Retrieve recent searches and detail reports instantly
  • Customize the Stratus MLS menu placement and the window by color
  • Upload your own documents to CMAs as well as save, re-run and add to your comparable searches

Access Stratus MLS

  1. Visit and click STRATUS in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. At the Stratus login screen, enter your User ID and Password.

Get Help

If you have questions as you use Stratus MLS, Help is a click away. Help is organized so you can search topics for any key word, read it like a book, select a topic by index, or go to page-specific information by clicking ? from the site action bar.

Stratus Support Center provides you with FAQ’s, Webinars, Tutorials and Videos, information on the latest Releases and Enhancements and any Known Bugs as well a way to Contact Customer Service to enter your questions, suggestions and issues you may have.