A new way of working with your Buyers and Sellers.

Provide your clients and customers with MLS listing searches and let them bypass Zillow and Trulia! Enable them to flag their favorites, likes, dislikes, and create their own custom searches. Send and receive messages and share documents with them to better help them through the home buying process.

Give them every reason to stay connected. View their activities and keep an eye on the listings they actively follow. Clients gain confidence as you support them through the buying and selling process.

Access Collaborate from Stratus MLS Info Center or

Accessing Collaborate

Collaborate utilizes responsive web design (RWD) and automatically adapts the layout to your viewing environment. This means one interface works across all devices whether you are on a desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Agents can access Collaborate in two ways.

  1. From any device, entering URL
  2. From Stratus Info Center under MLS/LIBOR Links, click Collaborate.

Collaborate Tutorials

You can access the tutorials below from Collaborate from your Profile page by selecting Help.
Tutorials available include:

  • Overview of Collaborate
  • Listing Search
  • Search Results List
  • Profiles, Settings, Teams

View the Tutorials »