Those who have gratitude for their lives tend to be happier overall, numerous studies have shown. But cultivating gratitude daily can be difficult if it isn’t already a practice for you. Consider the following.

Write it down. Start the day by writing down one to three things your thankful for, as simple as a hot cup of coffee or a gorgeous sunrise.

Be gracious. This may seem obvious, but showing gratitude by being gracious to everyone you interact with goes a long way. Thank the barista or server for their assistance, keep cool with that customer service rep, and try to be kind to those you come in contact with – you may be surprised what happens.

Thank others. Let the people around you know you appreciate them by complementing or thanking them for their services, skills and time. Thank your boss for keeping your team on task, your spouse for prepping dinner, even your fitness instructor for their effort and enthusiasm. This is an easy way to pour gratitude out on the regular.

Thank yourself. Okay, so now you’re being gracious with those around you – but how about yourself? Compliment yourself for your achievements – big and small – and schedule time to give yourself a little TLC, be it a walk with your dog, a date night with your partner, or an afternoon all to yourself.

Published with permission from RISMedia.