Tax Return Tips for a Safe and Speedy Refund

Due to the rising tide of income-tax refund fraud in recent years, the IRS and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are encouraging taxpayers to file as soon as possible, and to also work with a qualified tax preparer. Doing so will not only expedite your refund, but help protect your tax return information as well.   Read More »

Voice Activated: Do You Talk to Your Tech?

How many of us are talking to our tech on a regular basis? Ken Olmstead at the Pew Research Center recently highlighted the fact that nearly half of U.S. adults (46 percent) say they use voice-controlled assistants and applications to interact with smartphones and other devices. Just over half (55 percent) say “a   Read More »

Transform Your Bathroom into the Ultimate Paradise

(Family Features)–Many people spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It’s a functional space where you can bathe, get ready for the day and take care of business. However, the bathroom can be so much more than that: it can offer a place to destress, relax and recharge before taking on the morning or   Read More »

4 Times to Put Your Phone Away

Just about all of us could benefit from a device diet. While a boon on so many levels, sometimes smartphones have gone too far in permeating our lives. A great way to detach even just a little bit, is to create boundaries around certain times and events, making them non-negotiable device-free zones for you and   Read More »

Easy Ideas for Celebrating Presidents’ Day With Your Kids

Looking for a neat way to celebrate Presidents’ Day with your tot? Below are a few fun ideas perfect for an easy afternoon. Have a history lesson. Depending on how old your kids are, take them on a little history tour. Focus on your favorite president, or a specific time period. Look online for easy   Read More »

How to Claim Tax Credit for Retirement Savings

It’s tax time, and you’re claiming those office expenses and miles logged getting to and from work, but are you taking the “Saver’s Credit”? The Saver’s Credit, also referred to as the Retirement Savings Contributions Credit by the Internal Revenue Service, is available to eligible taxpayers who are saving for retirement, yet 64 percent of   Read More »

How to Ace That Job Interview

Looking for a new gig? Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. Longtime Toastmasters member and career coach Jennifer Blanck offers these tips for acing the interview: Know yourself. It sounds simple, but the first step involves critical reflection and self-awareness. Understand your values, priorities and how to present your strengths and weaknesses.   Read More »

How Should You Gauge Your Home for Hazards and Disasters?

Do you know how disaster-prone your home or community really is? Smack in the southern end of California—one of the nation’s most disaster-weary states—bloggers at started reaching out to clients years ago to share important data regarding residential risk assessment. In 1992, University of Colorado’s Dr. William Gray accurately forecasted Hurricane Andrew, and   Read More »

5 W-2 Tips for Tax Season

Tax season can be stressful, what with organizing your finances and meeting deadlines. If you’re self employed and juggling a stack of W-2s, the stress can amplify. To help, the American Payroll Association has five W-2 tips to ensure your W-2 is accurate this tax season. Verify Receiving All Your W-2s. If you received compensation   Read More »

Home Solutions Well Worth a Weekend

You can never find the flashlight when you need it, and that shed in the yard where you store your ski gear is—let’s face it—an eyesore. Editors at the multi-platform “This Old House” home enthusiast network provide a few home improvement solutions you can accomplish in a weekend or less: Build a gallery wall. Bring   Read More »